Herbal Hot Stone Bath

Bhutanese Traditional Herbal Hot Stone-bath

Bhutan is historically known as Lhomen Menjong – The land of the medicinal herbs. Hot-stone-bath is a very popular form of medication practiced in Bhutan. There is no recorded history of its origin. In the olden times it was a luxury enjoyed by the well to do families. A whole day was spent to organize this particular event where the whole family would take part in the hot-stone bathing ceremony. 

Burning the stone for the Hot-stone bath

The herbs added are collected in pollution free high altitude areas. The minerals in the rocks and the clean spring water have chemicals which have curative power. It is popular form of medication practiced in Bhutan since time immemorial it is a fact that about 80% of skin diseases are curable. Hot-stone-bath is believed that the heat of the water, the minerals released from the rock, and the local herbs all combine to produce medicinal benefits for joint pains, hypertension, stomach disorders and arthritis and many other minor diseases. The additions of aromatic herbs in the water further enhance the healing 

Traditional Bhutanese Hot stone bath tub
Traditional Bhutanese Hot stone bath tub


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