Ugyen’s House


Ugyen’s farmhouse is more than 200 years old and is built in the traditional Bhutanese style typically seen all over Bhutan. It is an exceptionally large home displaying some fine features of days gone by.

Ugyens Homestay
Ugyen’s Home-stay

Previously belonging to the Ex District Governor (Ugyen’s Uncle), which explains the grand nature of the dwelling, it has now been transferred into Ugyen’s ownership. Guests will be guided over a babbling stream and past an ancient Buddhist Chorten (stupa) before being shown down a stone-lined path to be greeted by the whole family on the landing of the home-stay – a wonderful way to set the scene for a memorable stay.

Across the stream, past the chorten and down the stone-lined pathway

Ugyen is the eldest of 5 children. His childhood was spent herding yaks in the high mountain pastures above the Dumchoe village with his father Lhap. Yak herding still comprises a large part of the family’s income with the homestay business and vegetable growing supplementing the family’s earnings. Ugyen, who is married to Dole Bidha who comes from a neighboring village, have 2 young children; Kinga and Tenzin.

Host Ugyen
Host Doley Bidha


Ugyen’s father Lhap and Dole Bidha’s aunty also lives with them. Aunty must be one of the hardest working people around – you will see her milking the cow in the early hours of the morning and tending the fields surrounding the home-stay from dawn to dusk.

Guest milking the cow with host at Ugyen's Homestay
Guest milking the cow with host at Ugyen’s Homestay

A stay at Ugyen’s homestay is truely a family affair. As one visitor was overheard saying…… ‘it was the highlight of my trip’.

Recently couple from New York, America married in Bhutanese traditional ceremony at Ugyen Homestay


-Son Kinga Norbu
Son Kinga Norbu
-Daughter Tenzin Yangdon
Daughter Tenzin Yangdon

23 thoughts on “Ugyen’s House

  1. I stayed at Ugyen’s homestay and it was an experience like no other……..too hard to describe in words. I will never forget it. Highly recommended Alexandra, USA

  2. I stayed at Ugyen’s house along with 4 of my friends. It was fantastic. To be honest, It was not that easy to break the barrier of uncomfortable feeling in the first few hours. But, then we started feeling like we were at home. Tenzin was great. She speaks english which helped us communicate with the family. We are highly satisfied with our decission of staying here for one night.

    1. Want to stay in ugyens home stay on 30. O5. 2019 to 01.06.2019…in my family tour in Bhutan, need two room of double bed… As we are 4 adult and 3 child below 10 years

  3. Had a really superb opportunity to stay with Ugyen and his lovely family [which extends almost to entire village 🙂 ]. It was me and my husband and we decided to get the local and truely authentic taste of bhutan. We stayed with the family for 2 nights and the hospitatlity, food, our rooms were all just perfect. It was fantastic walking with Ugyen and Yangzom to the fields, to haa town, into the village everbustling with smiling and happy people. Coming from India, I was able to make my bookings through Dodo (Ugyen’s brother) directly, who speaks English very well and was very welcoming and arranged everything perfectly for us while sitting remotely in another district !! 🙂 Its an incredible family and not-to-be missed opportunity if you are interested in off-beat experience in an already ‘off-beat’ country like Bhutan.

    – Richa, Mumbai, India

  4. My husband, two friends and I stayed at Ugyen’s home for a weekend. While we have already been based in Bhutan for a while, it was really nice to spend time in a more rural setting with such a lovely and welcoming family. We went in December, and the house was very comfortably warm. The food was great (much better than any of the hotels!). The beds were very comfortable, the bathroom was clean with a toilet, and they provided drinking water and plenty of tea with fresh milk from their cow (delicious…)!! We did some great hikes and visited a few temples during the day, and came back to a warm kitchen and a wonderful hot stone bath in the evening (which you have to request earlier in the day so they can prepare the stones).

    We like that the money goes directly the family, providing a way to support an enduring rural livelihood in Bhutan. We would highly suggest this to people already living in Bhutan, or those visiting as tourists if you want a more authentic experience that sees direct support of rural communities and businesses.

    – Antonia & Randall (Canada/ US)

  5. We were the other couple who stayed here with Antonia and Randall from the previous reply. Antonia summarized our visit perfectly – Ugyen’s hospitable family and their rustic home made us relax and enjoy ourselves fully. We highly recommend this genuine homestay for those visiting the quaint setting of Haa. It feels good to help support their hardworking family in this intimate way that opens us all to a memorable cultural exchange.

    – Nancy & David (USA)

  6. Haa Valley was definitely the highlight of our Bhutan trip. Ugyen’s house nestled in a small village is definitely a great place to stay. I was there with 4 of my friends. Ugyen and Dole are very hospitable. They food was good and authentic Bhutanese. The tea is simply amazing. It is like the old Bhutanese house we saw at the Folk Heritage Museum at Thimphu, only much larger and more spacious. The beds and the bathroom were very clean though it doesn’t have hot water. But one can pay extra for hot stone baths in the evening. One has to inform in advance ( few hours before) if they wish to take this bath. There is a small shed with a wooden tub. The tub has a small opening to the outside where hot stones are used to heat the water. It was a relaxing experience. There are radiators in the guest-rooms. We booked the place in advance through Mr. Dodo who is a relative of Ugyen’s. The lunch and dinner (cooked by Dole) were authentic Bhutanese and good. We had fresh farm eggs for breakfast. We even had ‘arra’ (Home-brewed alcohol) in the evening which is also had after cooking with egg. Dole was sweet to prepare this for us.

    Ugyen and Dole are very hospitable and provided accommodation for our driver as well. Their daughter Tenzin can speak in English which helps communicate with them. Our driver knew Dzongkha and he helped us communicate. Aunty and Ugyen’s father always welcome you with a smile. Dole is extremely sweet and helped us dress in the kiras (Bhutanese traditional dress) which we had bought earlier in Thimphu. She even lent us her beautiful ‘tego’.

    There are chortens near the house and the Haa Chuu (river) flows nearby. It’s a very peaceful place and we had a great time sitting at the river and the bridge nearby. They provided us with the bow and arrow (for additional charge) and we tried our hand at archery at the helipad near the house. The house has a cow-shed and you get to experience rural-life first hand. It is fun to hear Ugyen’s stories about his time as a yak-herder and about his daily life sitting by the fire outside (while he heats stones for the bath) and in his warm kitchen with the fireplace. We went around the village which has many houses with the ancient Bhutanese symbols painted over them. I totally in love with the pink trees that blossom all over the region.

    It was definitely a great decision to stay at Ugyen’s and is one of my most memorable experiences ever. I would definitely recommend the place to others.

    -Arpita (India)

  7. We arrived at the home after having cycled 105km form Thimphu. We were sore and cold and dirty and were welcomed in with steaming cups of tea and a snack. It immediately felt like home. Later that evening enjoyed the hot stone baths for our weary muscles. The food was delicious, the beds comfy, and the family very loving.

  8. I stayed here with a few friends and had a wonderful time. The food was authentic Bhutanese and delicious. Bedrooms were simple but clean and the beds were comfortable. The staff were very friendly with us, even if they didn’t speak much english. The hot stone bath was a delight and much appreciated given that we’d just ridden the Thimphu-to-Haa bike race!

  9. We stayed one night at Ugyen’s homestay on our week long stay in Bhutan and we were so happy we did. We felt really at home with the extended family and enjoyed our time sitting around the bukhari stove sipping freshly brewed tea.

    Ugyen’s homestay is a grand old traditional home, which is centrally located to all the main attractions – there’s even a pub at the end of the road. We had fun watching an archery game, relaxed in Ugyen’s traditional hot stone bath, wandered around meeting the locals and just hung out with the family.

    We were lucky that the Haa Summer festival was on while we were staying at the homestay and we even saw Ugyen’s father play in the veteran’s archery match. The food that was cooked for us was just wonderful! We were also able to try a range of Bhutanese dishes.

    All in all we highly recommend Ugyen’s homestay to those wanting to have a truly authentic Bhutanese experience.

    Sophie & Simon

  10. Hi Ugyen,
    My name is shilpa. I’am coming from India. I’am planning to make a trip to Bhutan in the end of January. Can you please tell me the price of your homestay and also your email address?
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  11. My two night stay at Ugyen’s place was amazing. I had great conversations with Dodo and Sonam on Bhutanese way of living. Ugyen’s wife cooks excellent food. Although the house had lot of flies which may be a turnoff for people too meticulous about cleanliness, the home stay is an excellent place to see the Bhutanese culture “as is”. There was an annual ritual going on at Chimmi’s place at the time of my visit. I loved watching the proceedings in the in-house temple and dancing with the locals there. I also had a hot stone bath at the in-house tub which was a very relaxing experience. Five stars for one of the best hospitality !

  12. Would like to know the rent details
    Plz contact so soon as possible would love to come to your homestay

  13. hello,

    Am travelling to Bhutan in End of october and first week of Nov 2016. After seeing the revies for this homestay i requested my trabvel agent to give me one night in this homestay in haa valley. Am exited to experience it.

    But concern is since its oct end and winter will it be too cold to stay in Haa valley, am travelling with 1.5 yrs old baby. Can the baby resist that chill. Are there heaters in the homestay?


  14. I am from New Zealand, I too thoroughly enjoyed my Homestead stay…I had the best night’s sleep In the warm, comfy bed that I have had so far in my 2 weeks in Bhutan.I also enjoyed the rural peace, the scenery, the food, hospitality and chatting to the children. My Dzongkha is very limited but fortunately my friend Sonam was with me to translate the thrilling tales our host told of the dangers he faced from leopards and bears when caring for his 100 yaks. It was school exam time and I was very impressed with the hours of quiet study put in by the two children.

  15. Rebecca, journalist from Germany currently living in Austria:

    Kadrin chhe la for your hospitality and the great bed.
    I ate the best food while staying with you! 😉
    Hope you still enjoy the memory game, Tenzin.
    If you like to come to Europe one day, you are very invited.

  16. We stayed at Ugyen homestay and it was a lovely experience. Ugyen and Doley we very hospitable and took care us so well. Doley is a amazing cook and we got to eat some authentic vegetarian food. We would definitely recommend this place.

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